Donna Reads: Broadchurch

BroadchurchBroadchurch by Erin Kelly is a novel adapted from the story and the script of the television series of the same name. I chose to read the book first – before I watched the show. I’m glad that I did.

The story is set in the fictional town of Broadchurch, a small town in Dorset. The town is a close-knit touristy type town on the English coast. The story begins with the murder of an 11-year old boy.

Detective Inspector Alec Hardy is brought in to run the investigation. Detective Sargent Ellie Miller is not pleased as she had hoped for (and been promised) the promotion herself. DI Hardy is brusque and unapproachable. He is fresh off of an unsolved criminal investigation of a young girl’s murder in Sandbrook. Hardy refuses to talk about Sandbrook much to the dismay of a persistent and annoying reporter who reported on the Sandbrook murder and is determined to bring Hardy down in Broadchurch.

The town begins to fall apart in its shock and grief, and neighbors turn on each other. There are several suspects as the investigation moves along. As Hardy investigates and eliminates suspects, he begins to have health issues. DS Miller resents his attempts to mold her into a detached and objective investigator (like he is) as she knows everyone in town and refuses to stop trusting her friends and neighbors.

I really enjoyed this book. I normally don’t read (or watch) crime dramas. As I read, I immersed myself in the town and its culture. I never figured out who committed the murder. It was a complete surprise to me when it was revealed.

I, of course, knew of the TV series, and as I read, I could picture David Tennant as Hardy and Olivia Colman as Miller. They fit the parts well. I am now watching the show on Netflix and have seen the first few episodes. The book was true to the script, and it provides additional details beyond the show. I think if you like the series, you will enjoy the book. I certainly did.

6 thoughts on “Donna Reads: Broadchurch

  1. Hello Donna! I didn’t know Broadchurch derived from a Novel. I must check out the book! I went to West Bay a few months ago and walked around some of the scenes in the tv series…the beach hut, lawyer’s house, the cliff, the Ellipse cafe etc. I love everything about this series, so well acted. Lovely to meet you and I will look forward to your posts. Best Wishes. Donna (same name!)

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  2. I saw the series and thought it was really good. I skipped the tv versions of Elizabeth George’s novels.. Her books are so good I don’t want to interfere with my own visuals of her characters

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