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cover2My collection of short stories is also available on Smashwords now.  I had to create a new cover for it so I thought I’d use a photo from a long-ago family vacation to Quebec.  I thought it looked a little like a park and the side of a building that might be an apartment building. It was my own photo so I didn’t have to worry about permission to use it.

I’ve also been fiddling around on different websites.  I updated my writing.com account. I upgraded from the free account, and I updated my profile information. I also found a local writers group that meets once a month right here in my town (Gates). I filled out a membership application and sent that in.  Now I just have to work up my courage to attend the May meeting in 2 weeks’ time.

smashwordsHere’s the order page from Smashwords. I am still working on getting published on Nook.

This has been a lot of fun so far.  Even if I never make any money off of it, it’s fun just to say I did it. My next step is to write something that I can actually call a full novel.