10 thoughts on “Silent Sunday #2: Backyard Visitor

  1. Oh my! I’ve never seen one in person. Today a mother squirrel and her two mischievous babies entertained me in my back yard. Made me think of you and your love for squirrels. 🙂

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    1. They are such fun to watch.


  2. Oh my goodness! Is that a squirrel? I don’t think I’ve seen a critter exactly like that before… it looks like some kind of hybrid animal.

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    1. It’s a woodchuck. Take a look at those claws. He was funny though. Roly poly and gobbling up the dandelion greens.


  3. I saw a woodchuck sitting on a fence yesterday! I have never seen anything like it. Sadly, I was driving by at 70+ miles per hour at the time, so I couldn’t get a picture. But it was definitely a woodchuck.


    1. I didn’t know they could see well enough to climb!

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  4. He’s (or she’s) a cute one. There’s a hayfield just down the road from my house, and I quite often see woodchucks there. They’re funny little critters.

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    1. They are so clumsy/fat, but they are fast. They hear a noise and zoom they are gone. Homely but cute.

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