Cold and Courage

IMG_8957Well, it’s certainly a cold one here today.  May 23rd, and we are still getting frost warnings.  I had to bring the potted plant inside (again!) last night.  At least it didn’t snow here (like it did in some places in the midwest).  It’s 36 degrees at the moment, though.  I guess it’s back to jeans for me.  I’m certain I’ll see a few idiots running around in shorts and flip-flops.  That happens here whenever the sun shines – doesn’t matter what season it is.  I’ve seen them dressed like that in the middle of winter! They will dress for summer if they even get the slightest hint that it might warm up a smidge.  We Upstate New Yorkers are made of sterner stuff.  No flip-flops for me, though. Thanks anyway.

This morning I am gathering up my courage and draping it around me like a huge cape. I’m going to need it.  I am attending my first meeting of the Lilac City Writers Group.  I’ve emailed back and forth with the gentleman in charge of the group, and he seems very nice.  The hard part is meeting new people. I’m not certain of the size of the group, and I don’t know how the meeting will go. I do know they have a “business” part first and then they do a presentation of some sort. I was invited to attend the entire meeting (“business” part, too) since I am joining as a member.  They asked me to come early because they want to get to know me.  Hopefully, the self-assured, older Donna will show up and the younger, Oh-my-God-I’m-nervous Donna will not. I know the older Donna can do a great job if she remembers to smack down the younger Donna if she shows her silly self.


Well, wish me luck!  I will write later or tomorrow to let everyone know how it goes!

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