Howling at the Moon

I grabbed the better camera to try to catch a few shots of the moon last night during the super moon lunar eclipse. You wouldn’t think it would be so hard to hold the camera still while photographing something that’s not moving! I even used the roof of my car as a tripod, but they’re still a bit fuzzy. These shots are when the moon was fully covered by the Earth’s shadow.

moon5 moon4 moon3 moon2 moon1


This last one is worse, I suppose. This is the one I snapped with my iPhone (before I grabbed the better camera). This was almost halfway through.


9 thoughts on “Howling at the Moon

  1. Celestial bodies just weren’t made for photography. Back when my family had a camcorder (The classic ones you had to lug around on your shoulder!), I used it to capture as best I could both a lunar eclipse (November ’93) and an annular solar eclipse (May ’94). Oddly enough, it was harder to get the camera to focus on the moon than the sun. Incidentally, I had three welders lenses over the camera lens while filming the solar eclipse…

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  2. The last photo looks like many, many photos that showed up on my Facebook yesterday. However, your first ones were far better than anything my friends were posting – you would have won the Facebook contest (that wasn’t actually happening) by far!

    And it was very cool to see the eclipse. I was so glad we had a clear night, as a lot of nearby people didn’t even get a clear night. We were among the lucky ones even in our own little neck of the woods.

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      1. I don’t know – people just a few miles from us couldn’t see it because of the clouds. I think we just happened to get a lucky pocket. And today, we were watching a football game on television only 30 miles away, and it was sunny and beautiful – it looked like it was 1,000 miles away from our cloudy, overcast weather!


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