If We Were Having Coffee #1

coffee1If we were having coffee and getting caught up on what’s happening in each others’ lives, I might share some of my random thoughts and musings with you.  As I work on finishing up my breakfast, I realize that I really must practice eating slower and savoring what I’m eating. That’s an old diet trick; you’re supposed to eat slowly so that your mind and stomach have a chance to give you the “full” signal. I also ran into issues with wolfing down food last night. I inhaled a piece of chicken breading and coughed for a good half an hour trying to dislodge it. I’m still coughing today because I irritated my throat in the process last night.

It occurs to me that I will soon possess not one but two college degrees now that I’m almost too old for them to matter. Yes, I will get the personal satisfaction from getting them, but it likely won’t make much difference elsewhere. I’m not looking for work. Unless the bottom drops out somewhere, I’m not in the same place I was in five years ago when I first went back to school. Twenty years ago having a degree would’ve changed both my career path and my salary. Now degrees are for my own gratification.

The sweetest thing happened to me last night. My hubby told me he has been in love with me since the first day he laid eyes on me. I didn’t know that. He made me cry. I knew he loved me fairly quickly because he told me early on in our relationship how he felt. He tells me now (twenty-seven years later) that he had trouble waiting the week that he did to tell me those three words. How did I get so lucky to find such a wonderful man?

I have to confess that I really missed blogging. I voluntarily stepped away from it for a bit to write. I’m still working on my novel but it’s not an all-consuming task at the moment. The story’s not done, but it’s resting. Being back on WordPress is awesome. I’d forgotten how much I missed my friends. I tried to follow everyone, and I tried to like posts or comment from time to time, but it’s not the same as actively posting every day, is it?

I’d also forgotten how much I love reading. While I was frantically tapping out reams and reams of my own words and sentences, I stopped reading, too. During a lonely afternoon recently, I picked up a book I had bought long ago and never read, and now I’m back into the world of vampires in Jeaniene Frost’s series. It’s nice to read someone else’s efforts for a change. I’m not writing about vampires, but there is a ghost in my book. Seeing how others set up scenes and dialogue makes me a better writer in the long run, and I enjoy losing myself in a book. It’s fun and an easy way to escape from the dullness of day-to-day life.

And speaking of life, it’s time to wrap this up and finish getting ready for work. Work waits for no one. It goes on whether I’m there or not, and if I want to continue getting paid, I’d better be there.

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6 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee #1

  1. It’s funny how I can regularly forget how much I like reading. So many things seem to get in the way of it sometimes, including writing. And then whenever I get back to it, I can’t believe I didn’t make it more of a priority!

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