Lady of Leisure


I’m not used to being a lady of leisure but I’ve been forced to be by my medical recovery period. I can’t drive or resume normal activities for three days so here I am.

Being forced to lay flat is boring and I’m glad that’s just for the first twenty-four hours. My butt is already numb. Most of the twenty-four has been spent sleeping. I’ve also written, read and watched TV. My house is messy, but I can’t bend over for the first forty-eight so I’ll have to ignore it. 

I’m not the best housekeeper but I hate to see things where they don’t belong. Maybe I can get them tomorrow. On Thursday I can do everything except drive and lift heavy things. Not that I’d want to do that at the moment anyway. 

I am sore today. That comes from having a healthy, strong young guy pushing down on your groin for more than 20 minutes. That sounds kinky, and it sounds like way more fun than it actually was! Nudge nudge wink wink. My stupid puncture wouldn’t clot. They said it was still oozing. Yeah, it did that here at home, too. I moved wrong (sat up without compressing the site). Scared the hell out of me to feel something running down the crease of my leg and realize it wasn’t sweat. It re-clotted, and that was enough to scare me into inactivity. 

I am not good at asking for help. I have to work on that. I’d rather do things myself. It gets done faster. When I ask for help and someone sighs out loud when I ask, that infuriates me. It was hard for me to ask in the first place. When the helper doesn’t gleefully jump to my aide, I get annoyed. Ask hubby. He said I handed him his face last night. Sorry, honey. I hope I never end up disabled and I’m sure he does, too!

I downloaded some books to read. I have homework to do. I have several chapters to read in my textbook. Maybe I’ll save those for when I need a nap. I’m sure they’ll put me to sleep! I have a small netbook I can use in bed so I can do some writing, too. I have plenty to keep me busy. It’s just the things I can’t do that call to me. 

I can’t do excessive stairs so the laundry will have to wait. I can’t bend so the cat boxes are on hold. I should be able to do them tomorrow. Let’s hope the cats agree with that plan.

The biggest hurdle for today is removing the dressing at noon. Not looking forward to that. The tape will stick and pull. I still have sticky spots on the other side of my tummy from the drape they used during the procedure. It adhered to my skin to keep it in place. My tummy keeps sticking together. I put my hand on it during the night, and my hand stuck to my tummy. After the dressing comes off, I get to shower. Good. I feel gross. I have blue soap residue all over both thighs. I just hope there’s no more bleeding when I clean up. 

It’s amazing what’s considered to be an outpatient, non-invasive procedure has such a restrictive recovery period. But then, I have to remember that the Doctor was INSIDE my heart just yesterday. Yes, okay, I’ll take it easy.  

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3 thoughts on “Lady of Leisure

      1. I do!! I totally get it!! We are used to thinking of this or that that needs doing. We see things that need doing and do it. Its what we moms do. Now, you need to rest and heal. It is SO HARD to turn that mind off and rest!!!!!!!!!!!!

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