Donna Reads: Eternal Kiss of Darkness

eternalkissI am still working my way through Jeaniene Frost’s Night Huntress and Night Huntress World series of books. This series is one of my favorites. I like paranormal, and I like romance. I’ve been taking my time with this series because I don’t want it to end.

The latest novel in the Night Huntress World that I finished reading is Eternal Kiss of Darkness. In this book we finally learn more about Mencheres, a mega-Master vampire thousands of years old who is the leader of the family to which Jeaniene Frost’s Cat and Bones’ characters belong. Mencheres has been in most if not all of the books in the series thus far, but he was a peripheral character and not entirely likeable for the choices and decisions he made in past installments. He has done a lot to wreak havoc in Cat’s life.

He rules over a vast empire of vampires, and his power level is so great that he can kill without even touching his opponents. One of his gifts has been his ability to see visions of the future. When his visions stop, he is convinced that the darkness he sees indicates that his existence will soon end. He is overwhelmed with guilt over past deeds, and he decides that he has ruled long enough. Although he physically resembles a man in his mid-20’s, his thousands of years of existence weigh heavily on him and he is ready to die. He plans his own death.

He doesn’t expect to be rescued by a human female who comes across him giving up in a battle that he could easily have won. Kira Graceling is a private investigator on her way home when she hears the sounds of someone in pain. Kira is dealt a fatal blow by Mencheres’ attackers, and he must give up his wish to die to in turn save her life. Once she has seen that he is not human, he cannot just let her go as he finds that he is unable to erase her memories.

I really liked this book although I didn’t expect to; Mencheres has not been one of my favorite characters.  I like how Frost is writing about characters other than Cat and Bones. She incorporates her two main characters in to these Night Huntress World books and they become peripheral characters while the other characters get a chance to shine and we learn more about them. I liked that fairly early on in the book we learn that Kira is in love with Mencheres and not long afterward, he confesses that he loves her, too. I’ve never been a fan of romance-type stories where the confessions of love happen at the very end. I also like that Kira’s love never wavered. She stayed steadfast and true, no matter what happened. She was a strong character. In this book the two main characters nicely complement each other and work together against the evil that they face.

3 thoughts on “Donna Reads: Eternal Kiss of Darkness

  1. You’ve probably have read True Blood series, but this book reminds me of another vampire series Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter by Laurell K Hamilton. The 1st few books were great, but then it got dragged out like the last few True Blood books. I think I stopped after the 7th/8th book. The stories lines either got thin or were veiled repeated. Another great fun vampire story’s Sex and the Single Vampire, by Kate MacAlister. Unfortunately I’ve just thrown in out with my great sort out and now I want to reread it 😦

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