Donna Reads: Lead (Stage Dive Series #3)

leadLead (Stage Dive Series #3) by Kylie Scott tells the story of the lead singer and older brother in the fictional band Stage Dive. Jimmy Ferris is a mess. He’s recently out of rehab, and he doesn’t trust anyone nor does he let anyone get too close to him. He can’t be trusted on his own so the band and management have hired a sobriety companion/assistant for him. The only trouble is he goes through assistants like water. He fires them or they quit because he’s so difficult to work for and be around for twenty-four hours a day. Lena Morrissey is working as a temp administrative assistant for the band and is about to be let go for mouthing off to their crotchety manager. It’s suggested that Lena be paired up with Jimmy. Lena is a no-nonsense type of girl and she’s not having any of Jimmy’s nonsense. Being around someone as handsome, charismatic and troubled as Jimmy day in/day out is difficult for Lena. One minute she is fighting toe to toe with him, and the next she’s fiercely defending and protecting him. It’s not long before Lena has real feelings for Jimmy, and that’s something that Jimmy can’t handle.

Like the other two books in this series, this one kept me up reading all night long again. I was determined to get to the happy ending. This one was written differently than the other two books. Because Jimmy is such a mess, he is a harder character to get to know. It takes a long time for Lena to earn his trust, and even when his own feelings for Lena begin to grow, he still pushes her away. Jimmy doesn’t really know what love is. There were times in this book when Jimmy was a complete jerk and totally unlikable. I kept reading because I liked Lena so much. I’m really enjoying this series and will hate to see it end with book #4.

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