Donna Reads: Reaper’s Property 

I just finished Reaper’s Property by Joanna Wylde.
Marie needs to save her brother Jeff’s life. He’s messed with the wrong people. Stealing $50,000 from a motorcycle club and thinking he could get away with it without paying in some fashion is a clue that Marie’s brother isn’t all that bright. Marie has just gotten away from her abusive husband and is living with her brother as she figures her life out. She ends up getting caught in her brother’s mess and being used for collateral. One of the gang members, an ex-Marine called Horse wants Marie. To save Jeff’s life, Marie becomes Horse’s property. 

This is my first biker romance. I liked that there was an alternating point of view. While it was mostly told from Marie’s POV, we get to see some of Horse’s motivation and some of what goes on behind the scenes with the club.

In reading a number of the reviews on Goodreads, this seems to be the type of book that people either love or hate. What cracks me up is that many who wrote negative reviews missed the point. It’s a romantic FANTASY. It’s not real, people, and the characters are fictional. He’s supposed to be rough, crude and domineering. He’s a biker. He’s not Casper Milktoast, the Accountant. I didn’t take as much offense to his aggressive, rough side as some did because that’s what I was expecting from the character. Marie wasn’t all virginal sweetness either. She’d had a rough upbringing, her family is less than impressive, and her marriage was horrible. 

While I did find her character stupid at times, most romantic heroines are. They do the exact opposite of what they are told to do, and they get into trouble so that the hero can save them. I liked the twist in this story where Marie came to his rescue instead.

I enjoyed this book enough that I read it in one day. I don’t mind my heroes a little rough around the edges. He made more sense to me than those otherworldly (totally unbelievable) heroes (vampire, demon or some other immortal or non-human type lover/romantic lead). Yes, the story is a little racy, but racy is good, and it has the happily ever after that I need in a romance. 

Count me as someone who really liked this book. I’m reading the second installment in the series now. 

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