The Garden Gone Wild

2016 has become the year I let the garden go, and I kind-of feel bad about that. It wasn’t intentional; it just happened. I finished off my schooling and had plenty of time to devote to the yard. I just didn’t feel like it. Here’s one of my pathetic garden patches.

gardenI started out the season with good intentions, like I always do. I cut the grass regularly, and I watched for the first signs of real growth in the garden. Then I got distracted with just doing nothing. Then I began to focus more on creative writing (outside of the blogging world), and my time seemed to be taken up with the fictional world of characters inside my head who were clamoring to be written about.

Then it got too hot and too dry to bother with the yard. I was glad for the weeks on end of no rain because it meant no grass growth either. The only problem was the garden and the weeds. The darned weeds grow no matter what happens weather-wise. They grew so well this year that they choked out most of the flowers in the gardens.

Some of the flowers gave up altogether, others tried and are still there underneath the overgrowth, and some seemed to thrive despite it all. I noticed when cutting my wildly overgrown back yard last evening (for the first time in a couple of months!) that some of them don’t look all that bad. Others were pathetic.

I let some of it go out of spite. I figured if my (unhelpful) neighbor was going to poison some of the real plants I had planted (some given to me by friends and some gifts from my sons), then I wasn’t going to bother cleaning up the real weeds. I’d let them grow just to annoy him. Since he decided to come onto my property to spray poison in my garden, and he killed plants that I really cared about (and broke my heart) then he could deal with looking at the overgrowth in the entire yard. I’m spiteful that way. I guess that’s a classic case of passive aggressive behavior, huh?

Of course, it seems too late now to cut back the abundance of unwanted greenery. Some of the flowers have begun dying back naturally as August winds down. It won’t be long before it all begins to die a natural/seasonal death on its own. So I’ll procrastinate some more and let nature take its course.

booksI do feel a little remorse for letting my flowers down, but I really enjoyed the heck out of not slaving over the yard for a change. It reminds me a bit of the summer as a teenager at my parents’ house when I lay on the couch all summer long and read books. I remember my mother saying to me late in the season, “I don’t think you went outside once this summer.” Yessss!!!! That was my plan!

So I let the garden go this year, and I do feel bad about it. Just a little bit. Well, I suppose there’s always next year.

Books meme courtesy of Pinterest

2 thoughts on “The Garden Gone Wild

    1. My mom usually had her nose in a book, too. She would never have taken mine away. I don’t remember ever reading outside. I guess it didn’t occur to me. I got stung by a bee when I was 2 or 3 so I was always terrified of them. It seemed like every time I sat still something would buzz nearby and I’d run away screaming. That’s probably why she never forced me to go out. I wouldn’t have stayed anyway! We’d go on picnics, and I’d eat in the hot car with the windows up! Memories. 😉


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