Donna Reads: Reaper’s Stand (Reapers MC, #4)

imageIn Reaper’s Stand (Reapers MC, #4) by Joanna Wylde we get to meet London Armstrong, new cleaning lady working for the Reapers Motorcycle Club. President of the club, Reese “Picnic” Hayes has had a rough few years since the death of his wife, Heather. He shut down after she died from cancer, and he focused on raising his two daughters and running the club. Reese doesn’t want any serious relationships. London has also had a difficult time. She’s been raising her drug-addicted cousin’s daughter, Jessica, a young girl with serious health and developmental issues. When Jessica gets messed up with dangerous people, London has nowhere to turn. When the safe and solid man she was dating turns out to be less than dependable, and the man she thought was a dangerous criminal turns out to be the one who’s always there for her, London has to make some tough choices.

Overall I liked this one. There were certainly parts of it that I hated. I hated that London was so stupid at times. For a woman running a thriving business, she was awfully dumb. If she thought her boyfriend was so big, bad and tough, he should’ve been the first one she turned to. Instead, she betrayed him. She was terrible at reading people, and she made some comically bad decisions. She did a lot of things the wrong way, but they turned out okay in the end. Reese was also a first class douche during the first part of the book. The scene where London went to ask him for help finding her cousin, and he was in the middle of receiving certain “services” and wasn’t polite enough to stop or ask her to come back later was just gross. This type of scenario happened twice with him. Once was bad enough. Why London would have been so attracted to this pig was questionable. I guess it fit with the bad decision-making part of her character. I also thought it was too convenient and too ridiculous that London saved the day over and over again. She saves Reese’s daughter, she saves her cousin, she kills the bad guy. Really? Why was the motorcycle club even there with her? Why didn’t she go in all alone and do it all herself? It was pretty implausible.

If you’ve read the series thus far, go ahead and read this one, too. I enjoy the author’s writing style even if her characters do irritate me at times. Her books are fast reads.

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