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I miss you the most during the quiet times. When I lie awake at night, unable to sleep, I need you beside me. When I wake, scared from a bad dream or a thunder’s rumble, I need you to comfort me. When I am tired at the end of the day, I need you to talk with to review the day’s successes and failures. When I sit and eat my meals, it’s your face I need to see across the table from me, your eyes I need looking back at me. When I sit, reading, it’s your quiet presence I need nearby on the couch beside me. When I write or work on the computer, I need to know you’re under the same roof, safe and happy at home. When I struggle with decisions and responsibilities, it’s you I need with me to make the hard and the scary manageable. When I feel lost and alone, it’s your arms I need around me, your kiss I need to soothe me. I miss you the most during the quiet times.