Mine? Mine?

We decided to eat in the car outside a fast food place. This fellow decided to park himself on the hood of my car to watch us. He also tried the roof and peered in through my moonroof. We called him Arnold. He was one of many but the only one clever enough to try the direct approach. He’d fly down to eat a French fry but always returned to the hood to wait for more. 

10 thoughts on “Mine? Mine?

    1. The gullvinator! He really was irresistible and cute in his own piggy way. I liked how he came back time after time. He’d grab a French fry and while we were still watching the ones on the ground, he’d return to the hood. I kept turning my head and there he was staring at me.


  1. Better a bird than a person! Me and my Dad were eating out not too long ago, and he spotted through the window that someone had decided to park their butt on the hood of my car while having a conversation with their buddy. That’s rude even in my redneck town!

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    1. Nervy people. I tried to get Arnold to move at first. I ran the wipers, but that only worked once and only for a second so I gave up. He wasn’t hurting anything. I had trouble getting him to leave when we left. I started to back up, and he just sat there. It wasn’t until I swung the car around that he finally decided he’d better go.


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