Donna Reads: Playing It Cool (Sydney Smoke Rugby #2)

coolIn Playing It Cool by Amy Andrews, Dexter Blake is a rugby player who’s only focus is rugby. He’s come from a rough background, and he’s convinced that he has to sacrifice personal relationships until after his playing days end. If he loses focus, he loses his place on the team. Harper Nugent is an artist. She’s six foot tall and curvy all over, a big girl. Her stepbrother is the plastic-faced sports reporter who reports on the rugby team. Dex first meets Harper when he overhears the stepbrother angrily telling her off and calling her fat. Dex thinks she’s beautiful, and he asks her out. What starts out as a get-even-with-the-stepbrother type scheme quickly turns into something else. Dex talks Harper into a few dates, and it quickly goes from a mutual attraction to a full blown can’t keep their hands off of each other good time. The big problem is that Dex continues to focus on rugby, and he tries to compartmentalize Harper into a once in a while thing. Harper goes along with that, content, until the day she realizes she deserves more.

This is the second book in the rugby series, and like the first book I couldn’t seem to put it down. It was a cute story that I hated to see end. I really liked both Dex and Harper. My favorite scenes were when Tanner forced Dex to confront his real feelings, and when Dex finally convinced Harper that he wanted the same thing she did. I do love a happy ending. Nicely done, Amy!



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