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Blogging has its ups and its downs. Some weeks I’m on a roll, and I seem to have something to say almost every day. Some weeks I feel like there’s no point in bothering. What I have to say has all been said before, or someone else said it first and said it better. Those are the weeks I slip out of sight and wait until inspiration strikes again.While not always profound, I do okay. Most posts get a like or two, and some get more. Where I’ve struggled a fair bit has been keeping up with fellow bloggers. There are many of you out there who I consider friends, and I love following blogs and reading posts.

Not too many months ago, though, I walked away from blogging and focused all my creative time and energies on writing my own fiction. I got so caught up in the world and people I was creating that I never had time to read blogs. So I shut them all off. In a moment of insanity, I deleted it all. I stopped following, and I stopped all the emails I had filling my inbox to overflowing every day. That was a mistake. 

I lost touch with many people that I truly enjoyed reading. The silence was deafening. Then I realized the silence was lonely, and I didn’t like it much. 

 Now that life has settled in to more of a routine, and the fervor (or fever) for writing has died back to a manageable pace I’m trying to blog more. I’m trying to read more. I’m trying to photograph more. 

Hopefully friends won’t mind if I’m hit or miss with posts, comments or follow-up. Trying to do it all is hard, and I’ve never said that I was anything more than a work in progress.

Sometimes in blogging what I have to say is not as important as listening to what others are saying. 

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