It’s a Shame 

Shame on me

I’ve let me go

Shame on me

Things ache so

Shame on me

My weight is high

Shame on me

My clothes are tight

Shame on me

I put me last

Shame on me

Can’t get fit fast

Shame on me

It starts today 

Shame on me

What else can I say?

Yes, I let myself get out of control again. I care for others but not so well for me. I’ve been thin. I know how wonderful it feels. I also know how hard it is to maintain. 

Maybe I should set a goal. I lose a certain number of pounds and I put a new tattoo at the base of my thumb – right where I can see it before I put that junk food in my mouth – to remind me not to! Maybe it should be the word, “NO!”

It’s a thought anyway. 

Images courtesy of Pinterest 

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