Doctor Visit

My visit with the doctor did not go quite as I’d hoped it would. I expected to get “yelled at” about my weight, my cholesterol and my blood sugar. Turns out the cholesterol wasn’t a concern. Don’t get me wrong – it needs to come down as does my weight. The first concern was the pre-Diabetes (the elevated blood sugar). If I exercise and get my weight down, that should come down, too, as will the weight and the cholesterol. My blood pressure was up again so there’s a new medicine starting today. If I don’t lower the other numbers by January, I’m going on the pre-Diabetes medicine, too.

She did further testing while I was there because I complained about chest flutters and shortness of breath. I had a spirometry test to measure my breathing because it might have been my asthma giving me troubles. I hate that particular test because you blow into a battery-operated machine, and you cannot stop blowing until the machine beeps. You have to do it three times, and it’s hard if you have asthma. To start, I couldn’t even manage one complete test. It took a long time to complete three of them. As it was, I coughed and hacked my way through them all. Still, she said my breathing was good although I did show diminished lung capacity. We’re guessing that’s because of the extra weight I’m carrying. 

Okay, I do this:

I had an EKG. At first she said my heart looked great, and my results were identical to what I had during a prior EKG. Then she said, “oh, wait a minute.” That wasn’t what I wanted to hear. There’s something “different” on the new EKG. She doesn’t think I had a heart attack. Well, gee, that’s good to hear. She doesn’t know what it is. I have always had PVC’s (premature ventricular contractions) so I’m used to an extra thump or two in my heartbeat every now and then. She wonders now if I might have a-fib (arterial fibrillation), too. Great. 

Of course, I have to go have further testing. I have to have a 2D echo done – ultrasound to take pictures of my heart. I also have to wear a Holter monitor for 48 hours – crap! Of course, the first thing I thought of was “no showering” for 48 hours. Sigh. 

This is NOT me:

To help with the weight loss, I’ve rejoined Weight Watchers. What an eye opener that was! I’ve been doing gluten free and I wasn’t really reading any labels. I was just concerned with getting my IBS to settle down. I set up the Weight Watchers app on my phone, and I’m allowed 39 points for the day. Since I haven’t been to the store to grocery shop yet, I went ahead and ate what I’d already packed. Just through lunchtime, I was already up to 54 points. Crap. No wonder I’m fat! 

Over the years I’ve done Weight Watchers, Atkins diet, fat free, carb free, gluten free, lactose free, whole grain, low fat, no fat, you name it. I’m guessing I’m heading back to fat free since those types of foods have lower points. I am sticking to lactose free because my tummy feels better that way. My doctor suggested I stay away from fruit because I don’t digest that well. She suggested I eat starchy vegetables for the fiber content. So this should be an interesting next few weeks as I adjust to eating better again. 

Is anyone out there doing Weight Watchers? I’d appreciate the support or suggestions.  

Fingers crossed that I start to lose! 

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10 thoughts on “Doctor Visit

  1. Your digestive system will adjust in time to the extra veggies! First thing when you consume more fruit and veggies you go to the bathroom a lot more! Ask any plant based follower or vegan and they’ll tell ya! It’s a good thing not a bad thing so don’t be too alarmed. Good luck with the holter monitor!

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  2. Eating less fruit is helpful since you are pre-diabetes. That should help lower your sugars. Start to read labels on everything! You would be surprised what sugar is in. I was pre-diabetes for years until I got really sick, that’s when my body decided to become a full fledged diabetic. Good luck!

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