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ringsOur love sometimes seems so unreal

Especially the way you make me feel

Coming up on twenty-seven years

Good love is harder than it appears

We work hard to stay together

There are storms we’ve had to weather

Distance love is not for the weak

Nor is it for the timid or the meek

Your voice on the phone is what I crave

Whenever I feel lost or less than brave

I’ve cried my share of lonely tears

But I know you suffer the same fears

Hard to believe we’ve been “us” for so long

And the passion and love is still so strong

You’d like me to come out in the truck

But I don’t have the wanderlust or pluck

So I keep the home fires burning

While you keep the truck wheels turning

Some day soon we will be in the same place

And I again get to see your sweet face

For more than a night or two at a time

And my happiness will be sublime