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Delete. Delete. Delete. Delete. Delete. Delete from WordPress. Delete from my Facebook page. Delete from the blog’s Facebook page. Delete from Tumblr. Delete from Twitter.

I should know better than to try to compose posts when I’m sleepy at the end of a long, tiring day. I should know better than to compose posts on my iPhone’s WordPress app where there doesn’t appear to be a save button anywhere.  It’s too easy to hit Publish when you aren’t ready yet. It’s up there in the upper right corner masquerading as a save button.

God, that’s frustrating. Now after accidentally posting what I didn’t want to post, I’ve totally lost my draft and totally lost my train of thought. Oh, well, It wasn’t a stellar post to begin with, but I might’ve been able to make it work with some editing. I think I’ll let that one percolate a few days longer. Someone’s way of giving me a do-over, I guess.

I’ve been doing well consistently posting. Even if they aren’t all gems, I’ve been happy with my output. Oops. I didn’t mean to post three times on Monday. I wrote the love poem for my hubby on Sunday and I always schedule things to post early the next morning. It’s just a habit of mine. The picture with the fly was too good to pass up Monday morning. The ‘none of the above’ post was meant for Tuesday. There again I hit publish by mistake, but that time I left it alone rather than deleting it all (from five different places). So, then I had to rethink Tuesday.

I was writing Wednesday based on a quote I’d found, and then I foolishly hit publish again by mistake. That’s when I decided it was time to go to bed. Zzzzzzzzzzz.

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