Donna Reads: The Rocker That Holds Me by Terri Anne Browning

This ninety-four page book is the first book in the Rocker series. Ember (Emmie) Jameson is a little girl living in a trailer park with her abusive drug addict mother. From age five, she is cared for by a group of boys also living in the trailer park. The boys grow up to form a rock band. Emmie’s mother dies of an overdose when Emmie is 15, and the rockers take her on the road with them. 

I liked the book, but I think it needed fleshing out. It reads more like a prequel. There were parts of it that were a little far-fetched for me. I wondered how she would’ve survived ten years of her mother beating her up especially after the rockers went on the road and she had no one to protect her, take her in, bandage her up and feed her. Why didn’t someone report the visible injuries? Didn’t she go to school? Given all the men her mother entertained, how did she manage to keep her virtue? Her mother was so horrible she would’ve bartered it for drugs. Emmie grew up to be tough, a little bossy and outspoken, and assertive. How did she develop those qualities with the upbringing she had? I thought she’d be a little more timid and damaged. 

I did like the story and there is potential here. It did have a nice happy ending. I will read the next book in the series to see if I like that one, too. 

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