Forward Momentum 

I wish I was brave enough to give you my numbers. Maybe when I’m farther along and want to brag about how far I’ve come, I’ll do that. I’ve spent the past week learning how to behave myself again. I know the routine; I just have to buy into it again.

Unrelated image, but banana twinkies. Dear God, why???  Ewwww. 

I started and stopped Weight Watchers this week because points don’t work for me. I went back to using my Lose It! app and counting calories, and I faithfully logged everything that went into my mouth all week long. I put exercise back into my week. Because I’m fat and arthritic and have been having health concerns, I’ve taken it slow, but I am moving again. It feels great to be held accountable again. 

I know that sounds weird, but I’ve always been a checklist sort of person. I like to have a to-do list and check things off as I do them. It makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something. I currently have two apps I’m using for tracking health-related items. I’m using Lose It! to track food and exercise (calories in and calories out), my measurements, weight and blood pressure. It ties to my Fitbit to track my steps, too. I use the FOOD mySymptoms app to track my sleep patterns, medications I take and other bodily functions (it was originally used to track my IBS-related symptoms). I like that I can use it to easily track my medication doses to ensure I don’t miss them or forget them. 

My most recent weight-in at home was Wednesday, October 5th. I was trying to prepare myself for my doctor’s visit the next day. I knew it wasn’t going to be good when I got onto my doctor’s scale. I was weighed mid-morning at the Doctor’s office on October 6th. Her scale read one pound higher than the reading I’d taken at home. Because I like to weigh in first thing in the morning, I re-weighed myself Friday, October 7th to get my first at-home early morning tracking number to give me a starting point. It was three pounds less than it had been at the doctor’s office, and (Yes!!) two pounds less than it had been two days earlier at home. 

For my first week of my new lifestyle, I’ve been faithfully weighing and measuring food portions and tracking my intake, drinking lots of water (thanks to the new blood pressure medicine my doctor so kindly added – yes, that’s sarcasm, folks) and increasing my exercise. The new medication is a diuretic (water pill) meant to deal with fluid retention and lower my blood pressure. I weighed in again today (for my weekly weigh in). 

I’m down three pounds from what I was one week ago at home and 6.6 pounds less than I was at the doctor’s office. My first week is usually a big drop. Most of it is water weight loss, and that’s certainly true in this case because of the new pill. 

I feel a bit better. My knees are not so achy, and my clothes are not strangling me so tightly. I’ll take it and work hard to continue to progress. The hard part is the forward momentum.  

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10 thoughts on “Forward Momentum 

  1. It doesnt sound weird at all Donna! Im so excited for you! Not just the weight loss part of it where your close will start to feel better then you have to go down a size yes that part feels great but be able to move more its magical! I have in the last 5 months lost 30lbs! a weird medication for fibromyalgia caused me to eat my own weight in junk food each day and in about a year and a half i had gained 30lbs…was not a usual in my life so i really had no idea how hard it would be to lose. but once you hit the mark where you are just determined there is no turning back! You can do this honey!! I know you can! Here is to better health! F yeah!!!! xxoo!

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      1. Thanks! Yes this is my first time having to change everything about the way i was eating but its been 7 months since i started making changes and i truly like the food im eating now so much better i have a good feeling i will stick to it….plus sugar and gluten were really effing with me as far as the fibro so i will never let that happen again the pain was overwhelming. i mean ive even giving up butter and know what it was easy! over a month now havent used it once dont even buy it nothing! that one really shocked me hahahaa! XOXO!

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  2. The original Twinkies were filled with banana creme. World War II made bananas scarce, so the Twinkie filling was changed to that nasty stuff they now come filled with. True to the spirit of Twinkies, though, I see the new banana flavor is artificial!

    Congratulations of the weight loss!

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    1. Thanks, Doug. I hate that artificial banana flavoring and I’m not a fan of the “new” Hostess products. They’re not the same. I suppose it’s just as well that I won’t be wasting calories on them!


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