Maybe I Like That I’m Not Alright

I am a creature of habit. I might take those habits to the extreme sometimes, but who’s to say that my little quirks and oddities aren’t normal? Perhaps they’re just part of the pieces that make up the “whole” of me.

In school, I know I had a favorite seat in each classroom. I have a favorite chair at home, and I prefer to eat in the same seat in the cafeteria at work.

I always try to get the same parking spot each day. I feel annoyed when someone else gets there first. I tell myself that it makes it easier to find the car at night.

I have my own drinking glasses and my favorite coffee mug. No one else is allowed to use them. I don’t like the idea of anyone else’s lips on my cup. I have a favorite type of silverware. I prefer my grandmother’s old plastic handled ones. I tell my guys it’s because I have arthritis and don’t like how the bare stainless ones cut into my fingers. I have favorite dishes. I prefer the ones from the set I bought before our wedding. I have favorite towels that I use. I like the ones with a certain absorbency, and the pink one is my very favorite.

I have favorite clothing. Oh, how I miss Fashion Bug. Sadly, they are no longer in business here, and all my clothing items from that store are slowly wearing out one by one. They’ve become threadbare and aren’t decent to wear to work any longer.

I tend to listen to music in obsessive spurts, too. I’ll settle on a band and listen to their music over and over and over again. I’m sure my sons are sick of hearing the same song three or four times each night. The YouTube clip below is the latest song I’m obsessed with. I thought it was rather appropriate for this post.

I have to have the bedding just so before I can settle down and sleep. I fidget and fuss, smoothing the sheets and folding the edges back. I can’t sleep if it’s a wrinkled mess. That’s why I make the bed every morning so that it starts out smooth and cool, not rumpled and wrinkled. I punch and pound the pillow so that it supports my head and neck in just the right way. My poor hubby when he’s home has learned to ignore me. I settle down eventually.

My compulsiveness makes me good at what I do for a living. I work in an organized, detail-oriented, deadline-driven world. Intellectual Property law has its rules and guidelines that must be followed. Items are docketed, and details are tracked. If things get missed, it can be a fatal mistake for a patent or trademark application. That obsession with detail suits me just fine.

What do I conclude from these quirks of mine? At best, that I am content and most happy with all things familiar and the same. At worst, that I have a degree of OCD. I’m not always as flexible as I could be, but maybe that’s okay, too. It works for me.

Maybe I developed these quirks as a way to deal with and get past my natural reserve and shyness. If I’m comfortable with the (silly) little things that comfort and surround me, it allows me to function as an adult in society.

And, isn’t that what we all strive for?

23 thoughts on “Maybe I Like That I’m Not Alright

  1. I think we have a lot in common! I have my favorite tea mug and Tupperware glass for my fiber drinks. I like my favorite and more comfortable to hold Oneida stainless steel ware set that have larger handles. I have to have my sheet tucked in around my head and my leg on my pillow just right to fall asleep. I love to have my book in a book chair so I don’t have to prop it up on something. (I’m an avid reader) Now look I’m almost 58 years old and set in my ways.. But that’s alright by me! LOL


    1. I used to work in quality control in the printing industry as a plate checker where I caught pages that didn’t back up, incorrect ads, etc. Changes that weren’t made etc. I notice when things aren’t ‘right” It drives me crazy. I feel so judgemental you know? I’m an artist and I can see how a person’s face isn’t symmetrical etc: “Hey one eye is higher than the other.” “He has a weird nose, did he have a nose job? One nostril is bigger than the other” “That’s one strange outfit she’s wearing!” And I’m not judging them on looks alone, I just notice things. If they smile I’ll talk to a stranger!

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      1. I proofread as part of my job, always looking for mistakes. I see them everywhere. I also hear them in people’s audible comments if they don’t enunciate properly. Tough being perfect. LOL.

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      1. Haw haw! That’s what I thought! I didn’t proofread, but I noticed lots of typos in my job, and I’d have them fixed too if I could. This was 24 years ago when I quit after having my son. Things are so computerized now, my job was phased out!

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    1. I want to spit on their car! I save that for when someone parks so close I can’t get into my driver’s door. It’s happened a few times. Climbing in the passenger side and over the console with bad knees and with my out of shape self is NOT fun. I know, I know. Spitting is not ladylike. My bad.

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  2. I wish we could celebrate our eccentricities and quirks and utilise them in the workplace and at home more. We’d all be much more efficient and productive as a whole. Many people have unusual quirks that they take just that little step further. I think it makes us all more rounded as human beings; perfectly flawed 🙂 Thanks for your post.

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  3. oh I dont think one thing about any of that is silly Donna! and I now love this song! never heard it before so thank you for that. music is truly my religion! ❤

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      1. oh my gosh me too! im singing most of the day! like a nut! hhahaa I live like no one is watching even though im pretty sure they are and I look crazy hahaa i dont care!

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  4. I’m a little similar. My mugs are my mugs! I think things just so, a certain way. I have my preferred workout spot in the gym, preferred bike racks, locker at the gym (as do many. I see it all the time)! I think many of us are creature of habits, so don’t worry too much. Hope you find a new clothes shop you like soon 😃

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