I Got Nothing

Uh-oh, the dreaded blank screen. What to write, what to write. I’ve been doing great at preparing posts the day before and having them lined up to post overnight. Except for Friday. Maybe it’s because it’s been too long of a long week. I have nothing. My mind’s a blank.

doubtI looked to Pinterest for some inspiration. I found some writing prompts, but I’m too tired to do anything right now other than share them.

notwritingThis one is nice.

droveI like to think that this is what my hubby does when he’s coming home to me. He’s often awake and driving at night when I’m sleeping. We sometimes are on opposite ends of the clock, and that’s hard. I like it when I know he’s coming home to me.

This one is just silly.

soundI know I’ve lived with boys (and boy humor) for far too long. All I could think of when I read that was, ‘did someone pass wind?’ Then I got a case of the giggles and couldn’t stop laughing.

This one is a little creepy.

heartbeatIt would make a good Halloween type of story, though. Is his heart beating again because he was buried alive? Has he come back to life? Was he reincarnated? It kind-of gave me the shivers.

improvewritingI write all the time outside of blogging (mostly for my own amusement). I’m not brave enough yet to revise and ready them for anything beyond the rough draft stage. It is true, though, with the more books I read the more certain I am I could do just as well (if not better) than some of the authors I’ve read. I think the day is coming soon when i will reach that point and I’ll be brave enough to take the next step.

writersblockOkay, cat, I get it. Hang it up for the night. Tomorrow will be a more productive day.

Images courtesy of Pinterest

16 thoughts on “I Got Nothing

    1. It’s frustrating. I hate it when I write something and read it over and think it’s horrible and erase it. I did that last night. I wrote a whole post and hated the whining tone it had so I deleted it.


  1. I don’t know if you’ll agree, but blogging adds this extra pressure of “what if I don’t write today” (if you are a daily poster) because no one wants to lose the interest they have drawn to their blog. I often wonder, “what if” wonders… like “what if I didn’t post for 1 day…. 5 days… 2 weeks, without leaving explanation online….” Would people even notice?…. And then I go back to the keyboard and post something. LOL

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    1. That’s what my problem is, Cyranny. I’m not usually a daily poster. I’ve had a daily post going for just over two weeks. I wanted to try to keep it up (that was my original goal four years ago), but life gets in the way. Posts get sporadic because I’m writing other things or I just don’t feel inspired. I find if I’m blogging I don’t have time to read books or create the novel I’m trying to write. If I lived alone and didn’t work full time, I might be able to do it all!! But I’d be lonely and hermit-like. 😜

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      1. It is a lot of work and dedication to post daily. Especially knowing that other than the joy of having fun with other people, it doesn’t pay much… It does bring me a lot, but it sure doesn’t take care of the bills, and as you said, time spent at the office takes a toll on the the energy you can put on your blog…

        Oh dang, why does it always have to be about the money? 😉

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