In addition to being a metalhead, I’m also a curmudgeon. I freely admit that. I like my privacy. Sunday morning hubby and I were having a conversation in the kitchen, and apparently we missed someone knocking at the front door. My youngest son was quick to point out that neither one of us heard the door. (I also had earbuds in at the time so I have an excuse). Either way, we never answer the door.

I’ve been thinking that I really need to get a loud dog or put a sign up or something. We used to have one that said, “Never mind the dog, beware of the owner”, and it had a graphic of a big, angry man. I find anyone coming door to door is either an annoyance or a big fat pain in the backside.

ownerI never buy anything sold at my front door. I don’t eat Girl Scout cookies or Boy Scout popcorn. Sorry. I just don’t. Take those things in to work, and bother your co-workers with it. When I did buy them, I bought them from friends’ children who I knew. I won’t buy from strangers’ kids or strange kids. I was out front with my oldest son when one guy pulled up in front of my house, parked his van and got out with his kid. The father then proceeded to tell my son that his kid was selling candy. “No, thank you.” He didn’t even live around here. If the neighbors’ kids were to ask, I would consider it because I know the kids.

I don’t want to participate in any fundraisers. I’ll choose who I give to, and I don’t have cash on me. I only carry plastic these days. When my boys had to do school fundraisers, I used to make up people and buy a bunch of things myself. I never bothered others with it. My kids didn’t need to be the top seller and win some cheesy prize, and yours don’t need to either. And, when the schools use it to offset the cost of some outing, just man up and fork over your own cash. I did.

I am not interested in a different religion. The one I have works just fine for me. I don’t need anyone to tell me I need siding, a new driveway, trees trimmed, gutters cleaned, etc. I know all of that. I don’t want to shake hands with any slimy politicians. I’m already a registered voter. I know where my polling place is, and if I choose to vote, I will. Nothing you can say to me face to face is going to change my mind, and I don’t want your slick printed handouts.


Please do not knock on my door unless the world is ending or the neighborhood is on fire. I am not buying anything sold door to door. I already have a religion. I am a registered voter and I will make up my own mind about voting. Have a good day, and now get off of my step.

Would that be out of line? Probably, huh?

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21 thoughts on “Curmudgeon

  1. I can relate to your post. I work in an office Monday-Thursday and most Fridays work from home using a work laptop and mobile phone. Several months back I was working from home, participating in a meeting via phone when my entry phone buzzed. I excused myself and answered it in case it was the postman with a parcel or some other important matter, only to be asked about my religious beliefs. I said “I’m not interested” and hung up. I certainly didn’t let the person into my block of flats as I dont want my neighbours bothered by people ramming religion or anything else down their throats. They would, I am sure not thank me for doing so! I have, occasionally given money to people on the street. I am more enclined to do this if its a freezing cold day and the person begging is obviously homeless. Whatever has caused them to get into that state, in such circumstances my compassion is moved and I give. I hate people coming across as all matey “can I call you Kevin?” when they only want to sell me something! Kevin –

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    1. We get the young men in suits handing out religious materials. There’s a church across from the end of my street, and they’re always looking for new members. I, too, have given money to the homeless. There’s a man who stands near the expressway entrance that I’ve handed money to occasionally. He’s always so thankful. We also get the politicians this time of year, and I suspect that’s who was at the door yesterday.


  2. ok we are so much alike!! I have a sign that says ‘do not knock I will not be nice’ hahahaha!! one on my back deck gate that says ‘if you were not invited then do not open this gate’ hahaha!!! i dont believe in going door to door for any reason its an absolute inturruption to my peace of mind. Colleage kids with clipboards nope sorry not taking your survey turn around and walk the other way haha! im in my yard in my nightgown most days for crapsake Im home I dont want to be bothered by someone else doing there chores or whatever you want to call it….really goes up my butt bad! hahaha! god forbid I might ever have the luck to be taking a nap mid day and they knock ohh boy I almost feel bad for them…i dont really know why people think its okay to do? am I just a giant B word? hahaha! maybe but i dont even care! XOXO!

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    1. I forgot about the kids with the surveys. We get those, too. “Can I ask you a few questions?” “Nope,” and I shut the door again. I don’t like to answer if I’m home alone. If hubby’s home, I make him go. He’s big and scary-looking. Although one time he got taken in by an energy company and signed us up for a service that was supposedly cheaper. I had a hell of a time getting us out of that nightmare. They weren’t cheaper. They weren’t even ethical, and they were nasty to deal with. I had to get nasty in return. There’s a lot of scammers in our town, too, who take advantage of the elderly by going door to door. They should ban them all.

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      1. yea i was sitting in my yard one day last summer in my night shirt w the dog in my lap my 12 year old niece inside the house and a young man w a clip board came walking to go up to the door I yelled across the yard ‘hey honey I wouldnt do that if i were you’ haha he stopped and tried to say something i cut him off and said ‘babe unless you have a six pack and a pizza Im all set’ ahahahhaha he did crack me up though he replied ‘oh i dont but i could be back in 5 minutes if you want me to’ hahahhahaaa i was sick and just didnt want to chat at all. he was cool and left without trying to give me his spiel. I like you more and more everyday Donna! hahaha! they should be banned its not right or safe! XO!

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      2. Actually he was really cute hahaha! but i was a cranky bitch and tired…dang it! you are right i really should have! hahahahaa!! you are so funny!! 😀

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  3. You crack me up! The metal head thing took me aback. You always think you can judge someone by their appearances but no…. Ozzy? You? And now this curmudgeon thing? You look so kind and sweet and friendly! I would have never guessed…. 🙂

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    1. LOL. The metalhead thing takes EVERYONE aback. My sons like to joke that in this house we have a trucker, a mechanic and a metalhead. Of course, we’re scary. LOL. I’m usually quiet (except for the music). And, yes, I’m usually sweet. Friendly? I can be, but I’m also pretty shy. I have never been outgoing. I usually only talk in public when someone talks to me first. It’s hard for me to initiate conversation.

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  4. No, I have seen signs like that. My door is behind a locked fence. I will open my slider and say, “Hello?” and if you are selling something or trying to give me information, I say, “No thank you.” And shut my door.

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  5. Donna,

    I hope I end up like you when I grow up (I’m in my late 20s), and get a house of my own. I can’t wait to shoo people off my porch. Just leave me alone and let me listen to my Metal.

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