15 thoughts on “Enlight Photo Editing App

      1. It looked like fun, Donna, but I can appreciate those apps can require some effort to get the most out of them. Regardless, I thought you did a great job of it! They all looked great!

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    1. I’ll have to look at Photogene. Enlight is fun but challenging. It was $3.99 but it looked interesting. I have a web design degree. I figured how hard could it be. The worst part is manipulating it all with fingers on a smartphone. I had to keep looking at the tutorials. I wanted it because of the double exposure capability but it does memes, too, so I think I’ll use it.

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    1. Oh, thank you, Maureen. I always say I’m not bad for an “old broad”. I like my looks a lot better now than I did when I was younger. I was so self-conscious and worried about what others thought. Now I don’t care.

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      1. oh yeah baby I know exactly what you mean!! I leave the house now dirty hair up in a ponytail and think its funny how much I just couldnt care less hahahaha!!

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      2. You know what Donna when I was young and so pretty omg the skin I had if only I had felt the way about myself then as i do now! I wouldnt run to 7/11 for a soda without doing my make up! now holy crap you should see me somedays and no joke it actually makes me laugh at what I am willing to be seen like in public hahahaha I love time its just amazing right?! XO!

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