Donna Reads: Gibson’s Legacy by K.L. Shandwick

gibsonApparently Gibson’s Legacy was that he slept with any woman with a pulse. This book was a waste of time. It was far-fetched, and it was repetitive as hell. How many times did the reader have to squirm through the heroine catching the hero in the middle of having sex with other women? Three times? Four? Then there was also the time she heard him having sex when he butt dialed her. We get that he was a mega rock star and much sought after in the bedroom. It was beyond gross that she’d repeatedly catch him at it in public. I’m not a prude, but one incidence of that would have been far more than enough.

He was stupid and immature when she knew him in college, but he’s supposedly changed. She was stupid and immature pretty much all the time. She stayed in an abusive relationship, and even after she managed to get out, she was still foolish. The hero somehow finds her by mistakenly dialing a wrong number even though she is thousands of miles away. He then strikes up a phone friendship and calls her repeatedly. They end up sexting each other and having phone sex. She didn’t even know who this guy was, but he was safe because it was just on the phone. I guessed it was the hero long before the author told us. His trademark douchebag style was hard to miss.

I stuck with the book because the reviews were glowing. I think I read a different book than everyone else did. It was almost 500 pages so it took me a while to get through it, and I’m a fast reader. At times it felt agonizing. None of it flew by; it dragged. A major edit could’ve pared back some of the repetition. When I finally managed to limp through to the end, there’s no end. It literally ends with “To be Continued…” So I can go on to waste another couple of weeks of my life reading the second book. I don’t think so.

My guess is the author will throw a paternity law suit in there to shake things up, and the heroine will throw in the towel because underneath it all, she still doesn’t trust him. That’s one of the repetitive things in the book – he gets mad because no one believes him or takes him seriously. Everyone thinks he’s still the same guy he was at 19. Gee, wonder why? At one point, he’s talking about being in a real “dry spell”. It’s been all of three days since he’s had sex. Three days?! I don’t think this idiot knows what a dry spell is.

My opinion on this one is that I don’t care enough about the immature and obnoxious characters to continue with the next installment.


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