Donna Reads: 367 Days by Jessica Gadziala

The Blurb: I’m not crazy.It’s not amnesia. But I somehow lost a year of my life. When the cops and doctors think you’re out of your mind, but you still need answers, where else is there to turn but a private investigator? Sawyer is nothing you’d want in a friend- a little detached, cool, sarcastic, cocksure. But he’s everything you’d want in a private investigator- calm, capable, experienced, and just jaded enough by the darkness he’d seen to take a chance on some random girl who insists something more sinister must have happened to her than simple memory loss. But thrown together, trying to get to the root of my mystery, feelings that were most definitely not client/professional start to emerge.

This is a hard one to review without giving away the surprise/mystery. It was an extremely quick read for me. The story grabbed my attention from the first page, and I tore through it in a couple of days. I loved Sawyer. I liked Riya, too. If anyone had been through what she had, they would’ve needed extensive therapy. It wasn’t a traditional love story in that they don’t profess their love for each other although it’s mentioned in the epilogue. The epilogue is the only part about the book I really didn’t like. It tried to cover too much. It gives snippets of their lives from the next fifteen years. I would’ve preferred a glimpse into the future, not the whole future. I kept thinking one of them would die in the epilogue since it was touching on so much. It was an odd addition.

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