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Spencer Holiday is a playboy. He owns and runs a bar with his best friend and business partner, Charlotte Rhodes. Spencer is not known for dating the same woman more than once. When his father decides to sell the family jewelry store, he needs to project a wholesome, family image. He asks Spencer to curtail his extracurricular activities while the deal to sell the store is being finalized. Spencer decides to create a fake engagement, and he asks Charlotte to pose as his fake fiancée. Things quickly heat up between Spencer and Charlotte. 

It seems I’ve found another author to enjoy. This hot romance was cute. I chuckled out loud several times. Spencer was a bit of an ass, very full of himself, but I liked the interactions between him and Charlotte. She was his equal and his best friend. I liked how they knew everything about one another, but they had never realized how much they truly cared for one another. They were honest with each other, and I liked that, too. 

This was an enjoyable (racy) read. That’s some cover!