Donna Reads: Trick by Laramie Briscoe

trickThis book was just okay for me. Other readers rave about the three main characters. That’s mostly what this story is about – the characters. There’s not much else going on here.

I kept waiting for something more to happen, more angst or something more unsettling. All the ends are tied up so nicely by the book’s end. I love a happy ending, but there was no struggle to get there in this one. The heroine spent too much time flashing back on scenes from her life with her ex-husband (once would have been enough). The ex does come back into the story, and it’s built up as something terrible about to happen, and then all of a sudden in a matter of paragraphs, everything’s okay, he’s been defeated and it’s over with. At one point a neighborhood punk confronts Hadley after he’d already threatened Trick. I thought something bad was going to happen there, too, and it didn’t. All the stress and all the adversity were so easily overcome.

I liked the little girl’s character the most. She was cute, and I would have liked more of her. Trick was just okay for me. He had issues, and he’d done time in prison, but when he actually told her what he had been in for, it didn’t seem like it was that big of a deal to me. The heroine disappointed me the most. She started out as a hard-working, overprotective mother, which I admired and liked. Then all of a sudden, she became this tough-talker spouting four-letter words, and that didn’t fit with her initial description. She swore more than the tattooed, motorcycle riding, ex-con of a hero.

Maybe I couldn’t get into the characters because the author didn’t use a lot of description. She didn’t paint enough of a picture so that I could “see” these characters in my mind. I needed more of a visual and more descriptive passages. For some reason as I read, I kept getting the mother and daughter’s names mixed up. I read fast so I had to keep going back and re-reading to see who was who. That was annoying. The characters weren’t real to me, and I like the characters to jump off of the page and stay with me long after I’ve read the book. They won’t with this one.

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