Donna Reads: The Substitute (The Wedding Pact #1) by Denise Grover Swank

substituteMegan Vandemeer has broken up with her fiancé after she catches him cheating. The only problem is she hasn’t told her parents about the breakup yet. She’s on her way home from Seattle to Kansas City a week before the wedding, and she’s a nervous wreck. Her mother is a nightmare, and Megan is afraid to face her. Not a fan of flying, she takes two Dramamine and then has a couple of drinks on top of that. Josh McMillan has problems of his own. He’s also on his way to Kansas City. He’s trying to save his business after his brother lets the plans slip out of his hands for a revolutionary new idea that Josh developed. Another engineering firm has stolen the plans, and the thief’s business received a patent on the idea first. Josh is determined to meet with the other business and try to get ownership of his idea back. Fate steps in, and Josh finds himself sitting beside Megan on the plane. Megan is the daughter of one of the thief firm’s principals. In a case of mistaken identity, Josh is mistaken for Megan’s fiancé as he helps her off of the plane in her drunken-drugged state. Not knowing what else to do, he decides to run with the idea.

I loved this book! Goodreads recommended it to me, and I’m glad I took a chance on it. I couldn’t resist reading it in the first place since it involved patents and intellectual property (I work in IP law). The story was cute. Megan’s family is a bit eccentric – from her overprotective brother to her mother-of-the-bridezilla and her bizarre grandmother who’s a fan of naked yoga. There were several spots where I laughed out loud. The story takes place over a period of four days. Josh is posing as her face fiancé, and he’s supposed to break up with her just before the wedding. Along the way, his own brother joins him and Megan’s real ex-fiancé even shows up to try to ruin the day. I highly recommend this one. It was very enjoyable.

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