Happy Squirrel Appreciation day

A look back at some of my favorite front step photos. My squirrelly friends…

4 thoughts on “Happy Squirrel Appreciation day

  1. Great photos! They look so cute standing on your railing. I especially love the one from through the front door where the squirrel on the left seems to be anticipating the bringing of treats!


  2. Okay now that was just the sweetest thing!! Is that one of him lying down? I cant believe how relaxed he is around you that is beautiful! he or she or them haha is it more than one that comes right up to you like that? XO!!

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    1. Yes, I have a bunch of them now. It was one to start a few years ago – a female. The others learned from watching her. They might be her offspring for all I know. They are so cute. They lie on the cool grass on their bellies when it’s hot and humid.


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