Donna Reads: Sexy Lies and Rock & Roll by Sawyer Bennett

liesEvan Scott is an up and coming rock star, new to life on stage and life on the road. He’s been sued over song rights by ex-band mates, he’s being pressured by his friend/manager to sign with a record label, and he’s been arrested for questioning in the death of an ex-bandmate. His life is a bit of a mess. Emma Peterson is a prim and proper attorney, more at home studying contracts and legal details than she is at dealing with people. When one of the name partners at her law firm sends her to get Evan out of jail, she has no idea that Evan is the partner’s nephew or that she and Evan will become far more than attorney and client. Evan hires Emma to untangle some of the legal mess he’s in and needs her to travel on the road with him.

This one was just okay for me. I never really connected with either one of the lead characters. It was the type of book I had to force myself to finish. Emma was very childish and stubborn. I liked Evan, but he was a bit naive. I knew who the “bad” guy was right at the start, and I couldn’t understand why either one of the lead characters trusted him or anything he said. I could tell at the 75% mark what was going to happen. It was pretty much telegraphed that the bad guy was going to try to split the two lead characters up, and he succeeded. That was a bit annoying. Then Emma became extremely irritating when she refused to even let Evan explain what had happened. It was a little unbelievable that she’d be so foolish. The cover image doesn’t fit the book. That guy doesn’t look like a rock star to me. I did like the epilogue a lot.

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