Donna Reads: Filthy Rich (Blackstone Dynasty #1) by Raine Miller

Billionaire Caleb Blackstone comes from a world of wealth and privilege. Brooke Casterley is the granddaughter of the Blackstone family’s former housekeeper. Brooke’s life has not been easy; it’s been tormented and tragic. She’s returned to Blackstone Island to live with her grandmother to help out as her Nan recovers from surgery. Caleb sees Brooke on the street and it’s love at first sight. When he sees her again later at a cocktail party, he knows she’s it for him. Brooke is a harder sell. She’s been through hell in her young life, and she’s not ready for a relationship nor does she believe that Caleb could be seriously interested in her.

I really enjoyed the interplay between the two lead characters, the wit, the love and devotion. Brooke had survived a nightmare situation, and her reluctance to get involved with Caleb was understandable. His sweetness and persistence won her over. He was so romantic; some of the things he did and said were beautiful. Overcoming the past and adjusting to life together was not easy, and they had their challenges along the way. I liked this one.

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