Donna Reads: The Baller: A Down and Dirty Football Novel by Vi Keeland

ballerBrody Easton is an MVP football quarterback, and he’s an arrogant, insufferable ass. Delilah Maddox is a sportscaster, assigned to interview the football team in the locker room. In her first interview as a professional sportscaster, Delilah interviews Brody, and he drops his towel on purpose, just to fluster her. From that point forward, he decides to mess with her, and then he decides he wants to be with her. Delilah isn’t interested in having a fling with an athlete.

The story moved along fairly quickly, and I enjoyed the snarking back and forth between the two leads. However, there were too many ghosts from the past in this book. I was glad they found love again with each other; it just took them a while to get to that point.

The other woman angle is what spoiled this one for me. I hated the handful of chapters told from his first love’s POV. I skimmed most of those, reading only enough to get the gist of what was going on because I didn’t care what she was doing, thinking or feeling. She needed to be less prominent. She didn’t belong in this book.

Another issue I had is one that’s a pet peeve of mine – the lack of descriptive text. What did these characters look like? There wasn’t enough description about either one of the main characters or even in the romance scenes. Those were sadly lacking. I expected more, given his character and the way he dirty talked her all the time (and given that cover!). All I know of their physical appearances are that she had lots of dark hair, and he had green eyes. I couldn’t mentally draw a picture of either one of them. There was more description of the “other woman” character than there was of the two protagonists. Why?

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