Donna Reads: Lock & Key by Cat Porter

lockGrace Quillen has been away for sixteen years. She’s on her way back home to South Dakota because her sister is dying. Miles from home she meets a man in a bar named Miller. Although she’s not known for having one night stands, she’s very attracted to the tall, dark, enigmatic Miller. A few drinks, some dancing, and one thing leads to another. In the light of day, early the next morning as Miller lies sleeping, Grace sees the tattoo on his back indicating he’s a member of the One Eyed Jacks motorcycle club. She quickly dresses and runs out.

For sixteen years Grace has been on the move. Once known as the most famous biker’s old lady in South Dakota, she’s been on her own since the murder of her husband. She never expected to get sucked back into club life with the One Eyed Jacks. She never expected to find love again.

This book was intense and stirred up a range of emotions for me. I don’t normally care for or read books that make me cry. When Grace visited her husband’s grave for the first time, I sat and sobbed. The backstory and chapters telling of her love and life with Jake “Dig” Quillen were moving. I also enjoyed her developing relationship with Miller “Lock” Flies as Eagles, the half Native American man she met on her way home.

There were parts of the story that I hated and parts I skimmed through because they made me cringe. I kept reading anyway and by the ending, I understood why some of the less appealing parts had been included. Ultimately, I did not care for the way the club “used” Grace, but it was necessary to achieve their objectives, and I understood why they felt they had to handle things that way.

This was a moving read. It’s definitely the type of book that will stay with me. I’ve already downloaded book two in the series, the story told from Grace’s late husband, Dig’s point of view.

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