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managedGabriel Scott is the manager of the rock band, Kill John. Scottie, as the guys in the band call him, is all business, arrogant, brusque and impersonal and exceptionally good at his job. Devastatingly handsome, always dressed in expensive suits and ties, he never has a hair out of place. Sophie Darling is a bit of an eccentric mess, with crazy clothes and wildly dyed hair. Embarrassed at having worked in the past as a paparazzi photographer, she now works as a social media specialist. On a flight to a job interview in England, she finds her coach seat unexpectedly upgraded to first class. Her seatmate is Gabriel who is irritable, cranky, and has zero interest in sharing the two seats he had reserved for himself. Sophie finds him amusing, and she gives as good as she gets until the plane hits some turbulence. Gabriel is terrified of flying. Sophie comes to his rescue, holding him close in comfort. She has no way of knowing that Gabriel is the man she’ll be working for, or that the rock band she’ll be working with is one she has a disastrous paparazzi history with.

Let me just say first that I am, unfortunately, NOT a huge fan of this series. I don’t know why. I wanted to love it, but I don’t. I loved Kristen Callihan’s Game On series (Gray Grayson and Ethan Dexter are two of my favorite romance heroes ever). I couldn’t wait to see what the author would do with one of my favorite genres, rock star romance. In the first book of this series (Idol), I never really connected with the cast of characters. Although Gabriel’s sarcasm in Idol amused me; I didn’t like Libby much at all; Killian was the best part of that book; and the others were a bit under-developed.

Managed was a slow burn of a love story. It was a decent read, but I was more than a little disappointed by the exceedingly slow pace. It took forever for Gabriel to unbend a bit and even kiss Sophie. Then the pace almost seemed to move too quickly after that. I would’ve liked a bit more in-between romance before their full-out, non-stop relationship. It felt like something was missing or lacking by not having more kisses and slow romancing. I would rather have had more of that instead of Gabriel’s health scare and boxing matches.

I enjoyed the book, but I didn’t love it. I liked Sophie and Gabriel, but I don’t think the supporting cast of characters added much to the story. Maybe it’s because I just haven’t connected with this group of people. Somehow they don’t fit well together for me. I had high hopes for Gabriel. I couldn’t wait to read his story. The pacing here was wrong, though. I wanted to love Managed, but it was just okay for me.