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Sienna Diaz is a plus-sized Latina comedic actress, known as America’s sweetheart. She’s also a movie writer, and she stars in her own films. She’s won an Oscar, and she’s at the top of her game. In Tennessee to film her next movie, she’s enjoying a rare moment to herself, in her rental car, on her way to the friend’s cabin she’s borrowing, when she realizes she’s lost. She’s having a bit of a meltdown when she’s rescued by a handsome park ranger. Jethro Winston is big, bearded and has no idea who Sienna is. That alone is enough to peak her interest. It’s a rare experience for her not to have someone falling all over her, asking for her autograph and picture. Afraid to tell him who she is and then have him look at her differently, she tells him she’s a writer and doesn’t correct him when he misheard her say her name as “Sarah”.

I enjoyed the first book in the Winston Brothers series, but I loved, loved, loved this one. I adored Jethro, and I liked Sienna a lot. Jethro was strong and didn’t take crap from anyone. As the oldest Winston brother, he takes his responsibilities seriously. Jethro had a less than savory past, and even though he’s turned his life around, he worried about how that would affect Sienna’s image. Sienna was funny, and I really liked her growth as a character. It was great to see her finally stand up to her sister and I liked how she handled the other actor at the London premiere. I also liked how once these two characters committed to each other, they didn’t waver.

This was my first experience with an Audible book. It was a real treat to hear the characters acted out. Chris Brinkley read Jethro’s parts, and he has the sexiest voice. He made me believe he WAS Jethro. His voice is very soothing and smooth. His Southern accent was soft and sweet. Cielo Camargo was Sienna, and she was also excellent and believable. I am a huge reader and I never thought I’d enjoy an audiobook, but I did. I’ve already purchased the third book in the series in Audible format. I can’t wait to hear it. I highly recommend this one.