Donna Reads: Neanderthal Seeks Human (Knitting in the City #1) by Penny Reid

Janie Morris is having a very bad day. She’s found out her boyfriend cheated on her, they broke up, leaving her homeless, and she’s been downsized on her job. She’s escorted out of the building by a sexy member of the security staff she secretly calls ‘McHotpants’. She’s been secretly spying on him for a few weeks. Janie is a bit of an eccentric, given to bouts of verbal diarrhea, spouting all sorts of useless facts and figures when she’s nervous. Quinn Sullivan (McHotpants) is also not what he seems. He and Janie meet up again, and he helps her get a new job.

Without giving away too much of the plot, this was a cute romance. Janie’s friends are members of a knitting club, and the women in the group are all good friends. Quinn is a tough guy with a secretive past, and although he insists he doesn’t date or do relationships, he’s drawn to Janie’s sweetness and eccentricities. The story also included some family drama, some over the top angst with the ex-boyfriend, and some criminals who were quickly dealt with in a rather silly scene.

I thought Janie had autistic tendencies. She was extremely bright, had poor social skills at times, and she focused on obscure details. As a mom to an autistic son, I saw similarities. I’m not sure if this was the author’s intent, but it struck a chord with me and made me smile. Janie made me laugh out loud several times. She was so earnest, sincere, and unintentionally silly you couldn’t help but like her.

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