Donna Reads: Close to You (Fusion #2) by Kristen Proby

Camille LaRue is one of five female business partners who run a successful restaurant in Portland, Oregon. Cami has spent her entire life in love with her partner Mia’s older brother, Landon. Landon Palazzo left and joined the Navy while Cami was still too young for him. Ten years later after an injury, he’s forced to retire as a Navy pilot, and he’s returned home. He helps out with his father’s construction business, and he’s supervising the build out and expansion of the restaurant where he’s brought back into contact with Cami on a daily basis.

This installment of the Fusion series was just okay for me. I like the characters and was interested in what was going to happen to them, but there is something lacking here. There’s a love story, and there’s adversity, but it’s almost anticlimactic when it’s all over with. The epilogue on this installment was especially disappointing. It wasn’t a wrap-up for Cami and Landon’s love story; it was just an introduction for Kat’s story in book 3. I found myself re-reading and thinking I’d missed something. It just ends abruptly in mid-thought. I haven’t decided if I will continue with this series or not. I’m leaning towards not. It had promise and likeable characters, but it’s a bit boring when all is said and done. There’s no real depth here, and everything is overcome so easily. The books are easy to read, but they almost feel like a waste of valuable reading time.


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