Donna Reads: Rock Wedding (Rock Kiss Book 4) by Nailini Singh

Abe Bellamy is the keyboard player for the rock band Schoolboy Choir. Sarah is his ex-wife. Abe met Sarah when she was 21, alone and lonely. Instantly attracted to one another, they fell into a relationship and married when Sarah ended up pregnant. Their time together is brief and full of pain. Abe is addicted to drugs and alcohol and recovering from a family tragedy. Sarah tries to help him, but he won’t let anyone get close. Sarah miscarries, and Abe continues to push her away and self-medicate to escape his pain. After a bitter and angry divorce, they go their separate ways. In their time apart, Sarah has a relationship with someone else and gives birth to a stillborn child, another terrific loss and tragedy for her. Abe has finally overcome his demons and gotten clean. Sarah is strong, and independent, and a successful businesswoman. When Abe and Sarah are thrown together once again, Abe wants a second chance. Sarah is afraid to let him back in.

I had a hard time getting in to this last installment in the Rock Kiss series. I didn’t connect as easily with Abe. He wasn’t as sympathetic a character to me. I also was loath to read the last book in the series since I’d enjoyed the series so much. I liked Sarah, but after hearing her whole story, I had difficulty believing that someone could survive as much as she had and still be sane and fully functioning. Sarah’s past life was pure hell, and after how Abe had treated her in their brief time together, it made me dislike him more. I did enjoy the wedding aspect of this book. I thought it referred to Molly and Fox’s wedding at the start of the story, but the title actually referred to the fact that all four band members got married over the course of this book. All their weddings were unique and beautiful in their uniqueness. The four heroines and four heroes pledging their lifelong love and commitment made this book worth the read.

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