Donna Reads: Garrett (Cold Fury Hockey, #2) by Sawyer Bennett

Garrett Samuelson is a hockey player who enjoys a good time. He doesn’t take much besides hockey seriously. Olivia Case is a bit of a free spirit. She works for a flamboyantly gay florist who happens to be her best friend. Olivia is artistic and funny. She meets Garrett at a party, having been invited there by her cousin who happens to be engaged to Garrett’s teammate. Garrett hits on Olivia and doesn’t want to take no for an answer when she turns him down. Olivia has a secret that she doesn’t want to share. When Garrett pursues her, he wears her down, and they go out. Garrett is not known for longevity in dating, and Olivia is not sure she will be around long-term. She decides to live in the moment and grab all the happiness she can. 

I wasn’t sure I would care for this one given the main character’s less than hopeful cancer diagnosis. I also wasn’t wild about the opening scene with Garrett involved in a ménage a trois. Garrett does a rather fast about-face in terms of how he views relationships when he decides to pursue Olivia. When he walks in on her throwing up from her chemotherapy, she is forced to tell him about her illness. I liked how he was there for her and didn’t waver in his support. I didn’t like how she tried to push him away. I liked how characters from the first book in the series (Sutton and Alex) continued on in this one. I also enjoyed her best friend, Stevie. I especially liked the epilogue.

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