Group Read Anyone?

Is anyone interested in reading a book as a group? The city where I live used to have an “Everyone’s Reading” event, and the entire city was supposed to be reading the same book at the same time. It was a great idea, meant to foster friendships, conversations, togetherness and literacy. The only problem was I never saw anyone else reading the book they chose. I was so disappointed!

I was talking to Deborah over at A Chick Who Reads (, and she was asking for comments on which book she should read next. Our conversation evolved into tentative plans for a virtual review/book club as we settled on the one book on her list that I also had on my kindle, waiting to be read.

The book we decided to read together is Kulti by Mariana Zapata, published on March 20, 2015. We have set a date a month out (May 15th) for our (end of) reading/reviewing date.

So who’s up for a good read? Book reviewers, book bloggers, readers, and anyone else who’d enjoy reading the same book and then posting reviews or discussing what we’ve read, please join us for this fun experiment! We’d love to have you.

10 thoughts on “Group Read Anyone?

    1. I did one with two other ladies. We met at a coffee shop. It was fun until one quit. The other lady and I kept it going and eventually she quit, too. Maybe virtual will work better. I loved it and was a bit annoyed when the others didn’t too.

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