Donna Reads: Twist: A Dive Bar Novel by Kylie Scott

Alexandra Parks is a graphic designer who works from home. She’s socially awkward and doesn’t let herself get close enough to anyone to have a real relationship. She’s been corresponding for months through an online dating website with Eric Collins, a bar owner in another state. They’ve gotten comfortable with each other, sharing their thoughts and feelings. When Eric suddenly stops writing, Alex decides to surprise him by flying in on his birthday. Alex’s happy surprise turns into a horrible nightmare when she arrives and Eric has no idea who she is. His brother, Joe, using Eric’s profile, has been her online suitor. Alex is mortified that she’s been lied to. 

Joe Collins has spent his life pleasing everyone else and living in his more popular brother, Eric’s shadow. He never meant to hurt Alex. After she runs out of the bar and walks to town in a rainstorm, she ends up sick and is forced to stay in town for a few days. She and Joe get to know each other better. 
This is the second book in the Dive Bar series. This series is just okay for me. Twist delves more into the lives of the people at the Dive Bar in Couer D’Alene. I think both Joe and Alex made some stupid decisions in this story, but they did both grow over the course of the book. I definitely enjoyed this installment more than I did the first book. 

A personal nitpick – Although I still prefer Ms. Scott’s Stage Dive series, I’m beginning to wonder if she needs to move past those characters. She keeps having them pop up in each new book. Maybe it’s time to let them rest and let the new characters stand on their own. 

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