Donna Reads: Naughty or Ice (Buffalo Tempest Hockey Book 1) by Sylvia Pierce

Walker Dunn is a star hockey player, injured in a bad car accident, struggling to find his way back onto the ice. Evangeline Bradshaw is an ex-Olympic champion figure skater, struggling to put food on the table and provide a good life for her six-year old daughter. Eva doesn’t get involved with hockey players, and Walker isn’t interested in anything beyond getting back to his team and being able to continue to support his two younger brothers and his mother who is living in an assisted living facility for Alzheimer’s patients. Walker’s coaches and team are running out of time and running out of options on how to reach their troubled star. When they reach out to Eva and hire her to work with Walker on learning how to skate with more finesse as part of his rehabilitation, sparks fly between them.

This was my first read by this author. I’m from Rochester, NY so I know Buffalo quite well. It was fun to read about a fictional hockey team in a city that I’m familiar with. I was also enchanted by the love story between these two strong-willed characters. Eva had been hurt in the past, and she was afraid to let go and possibly fall in love again. Walker had nothing but hockey, and hockey was all he lived for. Eva took him completely by surprise. I also thoroughly enjoyed the supporting cast of characters. Eva’s daughter, Gracie and her dog were both adorable, and she had a wonderful relationship with her sister. Walker’s teammates were a hoot, providing the comedic relief and the support that Walker needed.

I recommend this author, this book and the series.

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