Max Kent is the hottest college quarterback in history and well on his way to the Heisman trophy. Sunny Blaine is his neighbor and classmate. When they meet, they feel an instant connection. She agrees to pose as his fake fiancée to keep the groupies at bay and to help his chances at the Heisman.

There was a mystery-suspense element to this book that didn’t “fit” for me. It started off with a dramatic opening scene and mystery, then went to the fake fiancée storyline which I really liked, and then bits of mystery and mild terror and stalking were inserted at random points throughout the story. I could’ve done without the suspense. It made the story too Scooby-Doo for me, especially since they were college students. There was a villain, and he did bad things and it was no secret it was him doing them. I thought perhaps he was a red herring, but he wasn’t. It just didn’t make sense to me.

I would’ve loved this book without the suspense element.