Donna Reads: Rock Chick by Kristen Ashley

This was my first Kristen Ashley read. I enjoyed her writing style, her humor, the character development and the twists and turns that kept the story moving along. I normally don’t read anything with crime or suspense in it, but this was written as more of a romantic comedy. 

I absolutely hated the main character, our heroine, India (Indy) Savage. But then I’ve never cared for stupid female characters. (Think I Love Lucy/Lucille Ball stupid). I have always hated Lucy; she got on my nerves and so did Indy. Indy spoiled the book for me. By the time she’d been kidnapped for the third time, I was rooting for the bad guy to have his evil way with her. By that point, she would’ve deserved it. Why the hero, Liam (Lee) Nightingale would’ve loved her or even put up with her was incomprehensible to me. 

She did the exact opposite of everything he told her to do. He had her best interests at heart 100% of the time, and he was trying to protect her. She flirted openly and obnoxiously with other men in front of him, even after he told her he loved her, her flirting bothered him, and he asked her not to do it. She really was TSTL. 

I will read the next book in the series, hoping the heroine in book two isn’t as over the top obnoxious. It would be hard to beat Lucy/Indy. 

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