At Vet

Ginny is at the vet today for her senior checkup and bloodwork. She is not excited to be here. She weighs 7.08 pounds, my tiny girl. I’m hoping this visit goes well. 

5 thoughts on “At Vet

  1. Aw! Having already read the next blog about the blood pressure check, I know how things turned out, but seeing poor Ginny in her carrier, I can see it was bound to be a bad day for her regardless of what the veterinarian did!

    Give her hugs and “scritches” from me. Poor kitty! She’s a drama queen for reasons, but I can see she’s a sweet kitty otherwise!

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    1. We snuggled ALL day yesterday. I purposely put life on hold, sat in my recliner with her on my lap on her special blanket. I read an entire book start to finish, and I napped! It was a great way to spend a Saturday.

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