Drama Queen 

Well, we’re home again. No blood pressure was taken today. They shaved a patch on her foot, but she was having no part of the little Velcro blood pressure cuff. 

They even tried bringing her into the room with me and having me hold her. She didn’t bite or scratch me, but she was hissing and howling. She gets so mad when we’re at the vet. The vet said the blood pressure read wouldn’t have been accurate so they skipped that part and just did the exam and the blood draw. 

She’s glad to be home again. 

17 thoughts on “Drama Queen 

  1. Freja is just like Ginny…. She knows biting and scratching are not allowed, but she will hiss and howl as if she was possessed by an evil spirit. I like to think that it is a sign of good health… As long as she feels good enough to give us attitude, I believe that it is a good thing… LOL Glad to see no one got hurt in the process 😉

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      1. Do you also get the dilated pupils look too? Freja is an expert at that, and not in the Puss in Boots way, LOL. Just adds to the loud “I’ll scratch life out of you if you dare touch me” attitude, mouahahahaha

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      2. Hers are usually dilated. She stays hidden in her carrier, refusing to come out or make eye contact. When we take her out, she gets upset and has to let everyone know how offended she is.

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  2. Awe Ginny! At least you tired with you being in the room. Maybe she fed off nervous energy. AJ has had that cuff thing. He wriggled so it ended up being done on his tail. AJ kinda takes whatever the vets do and moans when he’s had enough, D needs his Mama there and then is fine. AJ however as soon as he’s back in the house any bandage is removed in 20 seconds. Both send sympathy vet trips nose sniffs!

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  3. Poor kitty girl! I had the same thing happen when I took Andy in for a blood pressure check.

    After being weighed, getting an update shot for rabies, and a thermometer pushed up his bum, he was very upset! Then they shaved a spot on the underside of his tail, near the rump. He was very, very growly by then! And Andy usually is a very sweet, quiet kitty boy!

    They did six or seven blood pressure checks, and Andy clearly was upset with the pressure on his tail, that is to say be was beginning to get very agitated and trying to escape!

    His veterinarian finally suggested the technicians forget the blood pressure check since Andy was so agitated. and suggested I bring him in in the next month for another attempt when there were no other innoculations, procedures, or checks scheduled.

    Whew! Andy was pissed! He didn’t like it when the cuff was applied to his foot on another blood pressure check, but it was less insulting to his cathood than the assault on his precious tail. I will suggest the foot method next time. I think they used the underside of the tail so the shaved spot was less obvious than on the foot.

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    1. I don’t think she would’ve liked having her tail tested either. She doesn’t like any of us touching it when we pet her. She was a three year old stray when I got her. She’d been fixed and front declawed by a previous owner. I often wonder how she got away from her first owner and why they never tried to find her. She ended up at a no kill adoption shelter. She was not a nice kitty when I adopted her. She tried to bite me the very first time I held her when I was looking at her at the shelter. I adopted her anyway. When we got her home, she was so cranky and unfriendly. My husband is the one who tamed her. Everyone else gave up, including me. He worked with her for months. He’d pick her up whether she liked it or not. Today, ten years later, she’s very sweet and mellow, but underneath it all is the same cranky attitude. It comes out every once in a while. She used it on the vet yesterday. LOL. I think it’s when she gets scared, she reverts as a way to protect herself. She’s so small but extremely fierce.

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      1. My first two kitties were abandoned shelter cats.

        Freckles was part of a litter of unwanted kittens. She spent most of her life in the shelter waiting to be adopted and was so sweet! (She, unfortunately, died after being spayed.)

        Louie, a ginger tabby, had been neutered and was a wonderfully friendly, personable cat. The whole time I had him, I worried that someone would want him back, he was such a desirable kitty. I even had him wanded for a microchip, but he didn’t have one.

        The only problem with shelter cats (and I highly recommend them anyway) is you don’t know their personal histories. Were they abandoned and did they suffer hunger, abuse? Did they have an older human who died and they are in grief, dealing with the loss? Were they left at the shelter because someone discovered they had a cat with a behavior problem they were unable to deal with or didn’t have the patience to work through, like you husband did with Ginny?

        All said, I am glad to know you cuddled with Ginny all day after her ordeal! (As noted in another post….)

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      2. Oh, that’s so sad about Freckles! All my cats have been rescues. I had one I got from a friend of a friend, and Jasper was my sweet boy who was only here eleven months before he died unexpectedly. He was only three. The vet thought it was a heart defect. My alarm rang one morning for work, he made a groan noise and died in his kitty bed. I was devastated. He was the only other cat that Ginny tolerated. She’s hated every other cat we’ve had.

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      3. Freckles’ autopsy revealed no organic reason for her death. My theory is that she was stressed out for weeks of living in a cage in the shelter where she could hear and smell dogs, but not see them or get away from them. They were concerned about her recover after the surgery and asked to keep her over night. During that time, she was in a cage where she was surrounded by dogs in cages again. I think she died of stress from the surgery and the surrounding dogs. I was heart-broken. When I brought her home from the shelter, I sat in the recliner with her on my chest. She was one of those purr babies, and she had a huge purr for such a little kitty! Anyway, I fell asleep with Freckles on my chest, purring. Around an hour later, she was still on my chest, purring! Aww~! She would have been a wonderful first kitty. She was very well behaved and grateful to have a home where she could be free of stress, get lots of loving, and play all day if she wanted.

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  4. Aw. Ody doesn’t act up at the vet, but he sure claws and whines and howls from the time I chuck him in the car until we get there… and is visibly nervous the whole time inside. I have to get his sugar checked every month or two since he’s diabetic, and he always turns up very low… which the vet attributes to his system being out of whack due to the anxiety he has about going. I think Ody would trade his ear sticks for the blood pressure cuff…

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    1. Chase is diabetic, too. I couldn’t do his ear sticks. He folds his ear flat and won’t let me do it. My boys are both diabetic so I know how to do it and we have an extra meter (or three) lying around. We have to have the vet do his checks because he won’t cooperate. He doesn’t get nasty; he just flattens the ear so much I can’t grab it. Poor guy. He’s never given us or the vet any trouble otherwise. He was even good when we had the nightmare of a feeding tube with him. Ginny doesn’t even like my stroking her transdermal medicines on the inside of each ear every night. We skipped her meds last night. I figured with the day she had she deserved a pass.


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