Donna Reads: Jordan Reclaimed (Preload, #1) by Scarlett Cole

Last September after I read the third installment in Ms. Cole’s Purest Hook series, I swore off her books. I really liked Dred, the lead singer for her fictional metal band Preload, and I felt his inclusion in the Purest Hook series as the hero in book three didn’t quite do him justice. Preload is a band comprised of five guys who grew up in a group home, and they all have serious issues. I bought Jordan Reclaimed when it was first published but was almost afraid to give it a try. I shouldn’t have waited. I read it in less than a day, and I loved it. 

Jordan Steele is the bass player for the band and perhaps the most seriously damaged one in the group. Because of Jordan’s issues and fear of abandonment, the five guys live together in one house. Dred has recently become engaged to Pixie and will soon be moving out with her and his daughter. Jordan is struggling to adapt to this upcoming change.

Aleksandra Artemov is a dancer with the National Ballet. Jordan sees her practicing one night while he is out walking, and he can’t forget her. Lexie has issues of her own. Raised by her domineering, abusive, widowed, ex-dancer father, she has learned to deprive herself and keep tight control over everything in her life – her schedule, her body, her food intake, and her dance routines. Constantly told by her father that she is too fat and not good enough, she pushes herself hard. She never expected to attract the attention of the big, tattooed rock star who never thought he was good enough for anyone. 

I really enjoyed this one. I couldn’t put it down. I loved how Jordan and Lexie grew as people as they became a couple and fell in love. 

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